BSYJ Tournaments





The Blessed Sacrament Yellow Jackets Basketball Club will once again be hosting its invitational tournaments. Unlike previous years, where the club had guaranteed five games over a weekend event, the club is changing the format for this year’s event guaranteeing four games.


Games will be scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sundays (no more than 2 games per day). Assuming we can get divisions of 8 teams, there will a seeding game followed by a three-game elimination tournament (See typical format below). 


Each team will be guaranteed 4 games. In keeping with our tradition, all participants will receive a tournament t-shirt. Unlike previous our previous tournaments, the participants will “not” receive a medal at the conclusion of the event.

Grade School Teams U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, $800.00

Calibre of Play

The targeted calibre of play for the tournament is “AA- “, “A+”, “A-”.

The following are the Tournament Dates  

BOYS U13 and GIRLS U13, Calibre of play AA-, A+, A- April 5th, 6th, 7th

BOYS U14 and GIRLS U14, Calibre of play AA-, A+, A- April 12th, 13th, 14th

BOYS U10, U11 and GIRLS U10, U11 Calibre of play AA-, A+, A- April 19th,20th,21st

BOYS U12 and GIRLS U12 Calibre of play AA-, A+, A- April 26th,27th,28th      

Tournament Format

Seeding Games

Seeding games will between teams of similar ability with winners and losers being placed in opposite brackets for the elimination tournament (i.e. #1 Seed vs. #2 Seed, #3 vs. #4, #5 vs. #6, #7 vs. #8)

After Completion of seeding game, teams are ranked for the elimination tournament.

1st Round

Quarter Finals (Game QF1 1st vs 8th, Game QF2 2nd vs. 7th, Game QF3 3rd vs. 6th, Game QF4 4th vs. 5th)

2nd Round

Consolation Semi Finals (Game ConSF1 Loser QF1 vs Loser QF4, Game ConSF2 Loser QF2 vs. Loser QF3)

Championship Semi Finals (Game ChampSF1 Winner QF1 vs Winner QF4, Game ChampSF2 Winner QF2 vs. Winner QF3)

3rd Round (Final Ranking Games)   

7/8 Game Loser ConSF1 vs. Loser ConSF2             

5/6 Game Winner ConSF1 vs. Winner ConSF2      

3/4 Game Loser ChampSF1 vs. Loser ChampSF2      

1/2 Game Championship Winner ChampSF1 vs. Winner ChampSF2